En Memoria (2017)

En Memoria explores the history of border deaths through an examination of the Terrace Park pauper’s cemetery, a contested burial site which holds the remains of hundreds of unidentified immigrants that died in the treacherous deserts fusing Mexico and the US.

Directed and Edited by
César Martínez

Produced by
Danny Scharar
César Martínez

Tiffany Goh
Ran Zhang

Matt O’Connell
Danny Scharar

Sound Design
Micah Garrido

Production Assistant
Willie Siau

On Set Photographer
Willie Siau

© César Martínez 2017

El Paquete Semanal (Teaser) (2016)

Directed, Cinematography, and Editing by César Martínez

Sound by Emilio Polo

This short documentary teaser about media piracy and entertainment access in Cuba chronicles the preparation and distribution process of "El Paquete Semanal", the island's primary link to video, news, and music from the outside world.

Seeing Twice (2016)

Directed, Edited, and Shot by César Martínez

This short documentary focuses on the creative processes of Bruce Hall, a legally blind photographer, considering how an image created by light can come from a place of ‘sightlessness’.

BM 10 (Typhoon) by Micah Manaitai

Directed and Edited by César Martínez